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Jiangsu Zhicheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering company undertaking continuous polyester projects, differential continuous polyester projects, continuous solid-phase polymerization, semi-continuous polyester polymerization and other ester polymerization, unit chemical engineering.
We has a high-quality workforce and abundant technical strength with rich experience in the design, engineering and production. We have long been committed to the polymer, chemical fiber and chemical industry engineering design, manufacturing, construction and services, and vigorously promote the localization of petrochemical equipment, we are proficient in polyester engineering, involving chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, energy, water processing, industrial control, and other fields, established a good customer base. We keep long-term cooperating with well-known research institute and textile machinery units closely, meet the demands of various customers. The funds are fully guaranteed, and we cooperate closely with clients, take risks, to ensure that the interests of our clients. Our scope of business including polyester, chemical devices and the design of the equipment research and development, project contracting, technology transfer, technical advice, technical services, design and integration in industrial automation.
Zhicheng has completed the design, installation, commissioning and driving of several sets of polymer devices, chemical device units. In recent years we gradually move towards international market from the domestic market, have undertaken several sets of polymer devices at home and abroad, established a good market reputation. We focus on tracking market tendency, successfully developed a number of new proprietary technology. Among them, the recycling PET flakes melt spinning filament project break the bottleneck of poor quality and high raw material requirements by traditional recycling PET flakes spinning technology, shall bring clients a huge profit.

All staff filled with confidence will dedicate to client with the philosophy of honesty, pragmatism, customer interests above everything.

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