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Recently main achievement :

Cixi, Zhejiang 20,000 tons of renewable materials direct spinning filament melting device

Haimen in Jiangsu 120,000 tons for direct spinning polyester staple fiber production line

Jiangsu Taizhou 20,000 tons monocrystalline silicon production lines, utility engineering design

Jiangyin in Jiangsu for 80,000 tons of polymer production line

Jiangxi Xinyu cold steel ring comprehensive utilization of waste heat unit system

Blue dawn of the 30 L polycarbonate test device

Ningbo, Zhejiang 100,000 tons of polyester boilers and steam energy system

Jiangsu Haimen polyester production line stripping system

Guangdong Shaoguan Steel sintering comprehensive utilization of waste heat unit system

Distillation system of Jiangyin in Jiangsu

Zhejiang Xiaoshan 300,000 tons for polyester plant fuel to coal-fired boiler HTF system

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