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Project General Contract

Zhicheng in the digestion and absorption of foreign technology, based on a polyester as the core technology and equipment, has completed more than 10 projects, small projects, project management and general contracting works. Companies with quality, progress, security at the core and into the design, procurement, installation, construction, commissioning, driving, training and services as one and achieved good results by the user's trust and sure.

Technology Contract
Zhicheng technology companies can provide general contracting services. From the project programme, designed to transform equipment, installation, provide a full range of technology investment for owners of the building.

Engineering Consulting:pre-engineering technology consulting, project feasibility analysis, project implementation programmes, projects technology programme, project management programmes.

Project Supervision :Filling the entire professional team to assist owners to carry out the project assessment and project negotiations, the project implementation process compliance monitoring to ensure that engineering design, procurement, installation, production process of scientific and rational, so that customer interests are fully protected .

Cooperative Development:Chemical Engineering Company in a professional advantage, and tertiary institutions, scientific research, production companies to collaborate on projects related to research and development, the establishment of testing and development platform, and to achieve industrialization.

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