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Bottles of chemical materials-recovery unit£º

-- 3000 - 30,000 tons / year of renewable materials melt-bottle of direct spinning filament devices, for the original section spinning or bottle-spinning, one-lane up to 30,000 tons.

-- Alcohol-polymerization of the devices suitable for the thorough treatment of bottle-purification materials, machinery and most of all to remove organic impurities, to achieve a target of polyester products.

-- Bottle-renewable materials solid-state devices by Nien, for bottle-expected increase direct viscosity, the system used in bottles, system of film, sheet, and other packaging.


The melting of direct spinning devices handle the processing of the original silk spinning of a substantial increase, Breakage rate decreased significantly,the full-package rate increase , POY increase significantly improve the flexibility, the raw material interference to reduce the impact of product quality, bottle-renewable materials spinning uniform increase stability;

Can significantly reduce the bottle-renewable materials quality requirements, reduce the direct costs of raw materials, while reducing the drying requirements, solve the bottle-renewable materials drying and filtering of the problem;

Whether bottle-expected direct POY spinning filament, or production of polyester industrial yarn, or out of sheet& film, technology or bottle to bottle, can be adopted this technology to improve quality and Substitution of the special expensive extruder, And the flexibility to add all kinds of additives, such as: TiO2, color master batch , fluorescent whitening agent , catalyst, chain extender agent;

Bottle-renewable chemical materials recovery technology, environmental protection, an area of small, compact layout, only a limited increase in production costs of conversion.

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